vrijdag 20 augustus 2010

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dinsdag 10 augustus 2010

Wilders met de dood bedreigen doe je zo

groetjes, naima19

woensdag 4 augustus 2010

laxed and warped lyrics

'laxed and warped'
the way of the cipher live
steve coleman and metrics

~sub-z on vocals:~

drop drop drop drop
beats slights drop of misses select type
hypes i rock mics
you wanna hear me come in
i sting like a nike a nike air swoosh
here i come i push to the moosh
pick up funk you wanna come and get whipped
elevate funk you wanne see me elevate a elevational microfonational sensational
funk raw
reap it again a who you saw
got the breath control
rock wrong you wanne hear me got soul
got soul like a james brown
two wich is so why is it fresh
watch your eyes watch your eyes
three blinking like a strobe light
when i come with the microfoon one with the words
words at the word that would come more sound
want and hear me sound pows
come to the rock and the roll
and soul and the funk and the rock and the roll and the lyri and iri
kicking up spirits a kiwwi ill you
you fucking my mind up
when i come with a line
that took a dime
busta rhyme
when i kick of with the styles
and the pile of contex of leather jacks
like black jack but not the man and the mom
a time a excellent word finder like a dictionairy or a saurus
got the glasses to see i got the supermasses
funk the rhyme like a alain a falcon hat when i come with that
funk over the microfoon like a tascat
rewinded that i see your boobs i see your jeans
when go through come clean manifest funk
you wanna see the microfoon like a sax
i got the white shirt walking dead when i forecome with the rhymes over my head
head head see the white shirt see my main man from new york
who you at
who you come through the door
talking to bricks you wanna hear with the pigs
i'll be the ground pig first pig never second class
here i come with a mindblast test
high flow of the right side of the brain
intuïtion you know
its about ten o'clock overgone it's about twelve
think i come to rock the m c two
rock i'm on the microphone view
it's a quarter to two
waas of memmory styles for you and the homecrew
i'm like porrage
i got storage i keep my rhymes storaged
in the memmory banks i give thank
flow like my man
but not bob ubanks
i kick this deep
and i go deep like a rhyme
i'm like a lynx
i'm like the riddle when it speaks
when i come in you can't think
when you come in from the mind
kicking the rhymes i'll be gone
a little rougher then safe sex
because you can't pay no condom the warned and the sapper
condom like a napalm
burning flesh when i came in with the best
pass test like a s.e.t. who you be
sub-z manifest the funkiest i be
with monks on a rhyme i must to prawl
do you hear well like a shrouw
i'm touring
pooring funk on a microphone touring
from here to asia check it out amaze ya
funk contemplation like a dougnut
yo, i'll be going nuts
i'm like a butcher would you ever try to step flow
coz i'm on a rhyme flex
i'd be a stealer
stealer, like a pitchburn stealer
come on, kick it out freely
cross the niggers
coz i'll be the sub-z